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CUSTOM Sticker Sheets | 3 Word Limit | CLEAR MATTE

CUSTOM Sticker Sheets | 3 Word Limit | CLEAR MATTE

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This listing is for custom script stickers printed on clear matte sticker paper. In the notes section, include the following:

  • Request - This can be a name, handle, or any short phrase no longer than THREE words. The design will come as a single design.
  • Vinyl Color - Select from Holo, Holo Glitter, Black, White, Hot Pink Holo, Millenial Pink, or Purple Glitter Holo. If the vinyl add-on option is not selected, a vinyl will not be included.

You will receive TWO large stickers as shown in the photo. Sticker sizes will vary and be at my discretion. However, I will do my best to include multiples of each size variation. 

Stickers are printed on matte sticker paper and vary in size. There is a possibility that colors will vary due to screens.

While this item is unlimited in available quantities, it will only be available for a limited time. After a designated period of time, this design will be stored away in the SAD Vault to make way for new products and inventory. 

From the UK and want to place an order? Visit us on Etsy Shop items available on our Etsy storefront, or send us a message and I’d love to help you build a custom listing for an order. Reward points are only available on our Shopify storefront.

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All artwork is copyright © SeeAmyDraw 2017. Purchasing this item does not grant any reproduction rights. 

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