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Meet the SAD PR Team

Amy Roberts

SAD Squad 2023

Magan | Code: Magan10 | Instagram 

Katey | KATEY10 | Instagram 

Candi | CANDI10 | Instagram | TikTok

Liz | LIZ10 | Instagram | Tiktok

Tiara | TIARA10 | Instagram | TikTok

Jayne | JAYNE10 | Instagram

Jo Ann | JOANN10 | Instagram

Debbi | DEBBI10 | Instagram | YouTube


SAD Squad 2022

Marchey | Instagram | Youtube | A5W Rings and Standard Vertical

Genevieve |  Instagram | TikTok | A6 Rings

Rachael | Instagram | Bullet Journal

Maria |  Instagram | Personal Rings and Hobo Weeks

Garland |  Instagram | Hobo Weeks and Cousin

Sophie |  Instagram | Sadie Stickers Planner

Magan |  Instagram | Standard TN and Hobo Weeks

 Vanessa |  Instagram | Youtube | Hobo Weeks and Cousin

Desiree | Instagram | Youtube | Makselife and Passion Planner

Debbie |  Instagram | A6 Techo, Hobo Weeks, B6 Rings

Shanice |  Instagram | Youtube | A5W Print Pression

Shaira |  Instagram | A5 Coiled and A6 and A5 Journals

Magan |  Instagram | Standard TN and Hobo Weeks


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  • Hi,

    I found your organization on LinkedIn and think your product offering is fantastic. The value proposition on your website intrigued me so much that I decided to reach out.

    We are looking for a few partners that we can work with to promote their products on Amazon. We work on either a fee based or revenue share basis and work with companies that have massive opportunity for growth.

    Do you have 15 min to discuss this further?

    If yes, please just respond to this email.

    Sadie Love
    Digital Marketing Manager
    (888) 417-4867
    Smarter Tactics
    Digital Marketing | Ad Words Management | Content & Social | Influencer Marketing

    Sadie Love

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