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Presale Terms and Conditions

Amy Roberts

Washi Presale Important Update: 5/18/2021 

The reprint of the Rainbow Bay washi tape has shipped and is expected to arrive on May 24th. We will begin shipping all remaining washi presale orders immediately. 

Washi Presale Important Update: 4/19/2021 

Customers effected by this update will receive an email and are encouraged to reply with which option they prefer.

The Rainbow Bay washi we received turned out significantly darker than what was advertised. While some variations are expected, this was far too significant. The washi also has a misplaced foiled star falling on one of the Bay heads. 

Tapes are being remade and expected to arrive in 3-4 weeks. Before we get behind on our timeline, I wanted to go ahead and offer those who purchased a few options.

Option A: Wait on the correct washi with a chance of them shipping late with a chance to purchase the oops washi before anyone else. 

Option B: Ship the washi that has been received with an chance to purchase the correct tapes after they've arrived before anyone else.

Top washi is what was received. Bottom washi is what was advertised.

Hey, hey! It's presale time! Be sure to review the following presale terms and conditions before heading to check out. By purchasing presale items, you are agreeing to all presale terms and conditions set forth on this page. 

Processing Times

Washi tape presale processing times is 6-8 weeks that begins at the close of the presale. For the March washi tape presale, the processing time (6-8 weeks) will begin on March 15 at midnight CST. 

Shipping Insurance

Route is our shipping protection plan. By opting in for Route shipping insurance, your goods are safe in case your package is lost, stolen, or arrives damaged. Please contact Amy at in case you need to process a claim and I'd be super happy to help!

If you do not purchase Route shipping protection, SeeAmyDraw is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged products. Therefore, we will not be able to send any replacement product in the event your items do not arrive. 

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  • Is there any way to get a hold of the SCHITTS CREEK Washi or is it completely gone?

    Danielle Berman

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